• Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board Members

    The Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board is made up of seven persons appointed by the Governor of Indiana.  The seven persons must be Indiana attorneys in good standing and are referred to as members of the Board. One of the members is designated as the chairman of the Board and is primarily responsible for the administration of the Board’s activities.  The remaining six members are assigned to the six Statewide hearing districts and are primarily responsible for the adjudication of compensation disputes in those districts. All seven members constitute the full Worker’s Compensation Board for the purpose of appeals from hearing member awards.

    There have been some recent changes in Board members.  Doug Meagher has been appointed to District 5. (This is member Meagher’s second appointment to the Board.)  Kyle Samons has been appointed to District 6. Sandra O’Brien has been appointed to District 1. All three appointees have substantial experience regarding worker’s compensation law and procedure and are excellent additions to the Board.

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